Day Delete Microfiber Makeup Remover


Day Delete is an easy to use microfiber makeup remover that grabs on to makeup particles, dirt and oil instead of dragging it around your skin like a traditional single use wipe or cotton pad would.

Simply rinse under warm water and wipe over your face then follow with your favourite face cleanser.

Non-toxic, reusable and environmentally friendly!

Will last up to 200 washes in the machine.

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Introducing our newest product to the Skin NV family is the Day Delete Microfiber Makeup Remover.

Wave goodbye to toxic, single use makeup wipes and cotton pads and introduce an skincare accessory staple that you can re use daily.

Our sponges are soft, gentle and thorough when it comes to removing the most stubborn of makeup. Simply rinse it in warm water wipe over your face and see the makeup get locked into the fibers of the sponge.

The Day Delete is environmentally friendly, toxic free and reusable. Simply clean with an antibacterial makeup brush cleaner or a gentle baby soap after each use and make sure to pop in your washing machine once a week.

It can also be used to:

  • remove facial cleanser
  • apply treatments
  • apply toner
  • remove face masks

Your Daily Delete sponge will last over 200 washes and comes in a recyclable and moisture proof travel pouch to store your sponge for the gym, holidays or whenever!


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