Hyperpigmentation Masterclass

Materclass Details

Let's talk Hyperpigmentation!

Have you noticed new or exisiting dark marks on your skin since being in lockdown? Are you trying to get your skin blemish free and looking brighter when we are allowed out again?

Imagine being able to go out makeup free and feel super confident in your skin at the same time!

Well with the help from Zhanae from Smize and Glow we can help YOU achieve that goal

Join our friendly zoom talk where we explain hyperpigmentation in an easy to digest way AND give you the tools to fade your pigmentation at home with a 28 day challenge.

You will learn: -What hyperpigmenation is and HOW it's caused -Identifying the exact pigmentation you have so we treat it properly -The best ingredients and products suited to your skin type -How to tailor your skincare routine -The facials that will help post lockdown


You will recieve a free 5 page workbook to help you prepare for and plan your brand new skincare journey! As well as all of this we will be supporting you along the way to fading your dark spots.

Where? The comfort of your own home - if you wish!


Sunday 31st January at 6.30pm so bring your notepad (or print the workbook!)

*You will be emailed the Zoom link on the day of the event.