Christmas Party Prep Checklist

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party girlsSo yes, December is here already. You gave up the gym after summer, the dark mornings and nights mean you are rolling out of bed and rolling back in with no need for any beauty pampering, but its time for the big NYE night out… HELP!

1-2 weeks before

I would highly recommend booking in your dermaplaning facial now! If you have been following me on Facebook or Instagram for a while you would have seen the amazing glow all of my beautiful clients get after their treatment and that lasts for a couple weeks. Instead of exfoliating endlessly have a professional exfoliation treatment that will also remove the fine hairs so your skin will look flawless when makeup is applied.

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24 hours before

Skin – Give your skin a mini facial! If you can’t get to your skin therapist do it at home!

  1. Start with a double cleansing of your skin use a cream cleanser to start and then your favourite face wash.
  2. Then exfoliate to remove any dead skin cells or if you use any glycolic acid/ retinol products you can skip this step.
  3. To help detox use a bowl filled with hot water and hold your head over it with a towel to steam the skin. Do this for about 10 minutes. *Top tip* Add a few drops of  Peppermint, Grapefruit or Lavender oil to the water to help revitalise or relax you.
  4. Once that is done spritz skin with a toner and apply a sheet mask. After 15 mins remove the mask and massage any leftover serum into the skin and follow with a nourishing face cream.

The big day –

Skin – So your skin should be looking nice a fresh – even better if you had your dermaplaning facial a week ago. I would recommend using a gentle cleanser, and a sheet mask designed to improve makeup application before you get ready.

 Sukin Facial Cleanser – £5.30 

Skin Republic Prep and Glow Mask. 

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So that’s your skin sorted (hopefully) for the next couple of weeks! Hope that helps and look out for the sale on gift cards to treat your loved ones or yourself 😉

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