November Offers –

November is here! Since the days are getting shorter and colder we thought we would give you two irresistible offers. The first one is great for an indulgent treat and that is our luxury dermaplaning that consists of – Double cleanse, tone, dermaplaning treatment, enzyme peel, facial massage, choice of sheet mask, hand or neck massage, hot towels on the face and serum/ moisturiser applied. It’s an hour and a half of bliss trust me!

Then to top it off receive a Kaeso Luxe Serum to ensure your skin is kept well hydrated and in tip top condition during the cold season.

The second offer and most popular so far is £80 for dermaroller treatment. It is a perfect time to have this treatment as you will have enough time for the skin to recover before party season starts. It’s also best to have this treatment done in Autumn/ Winter as you are not exposed to UVB rays which can cause adverse reactions more easily.

So dermaroller – sounds scary? Not quite sure what it is? Read on for more info

1. What does it actually do? The treatment consists of using tiny needles at a superficial depth onto the skins surface. It promotes collagen renewal which speeds up the healing response of the skin. Imagine getting a small cut on your skin and then your skin healing. It’s exactly the same except it’s not noticeable!

2. Who can have the treatment? It is suitable for all skin types except if there is active breakouts on the area. Also if you have keloid scarring it is best to avoid this treatment.

3. Does it hurt? No! You may feel a little pressure on the skin but it is numbed for 30 mins before the treatment. After we apply a Clinicare sheet mask and cooling roller to help soothe the skin.

4. Will I bleed a lot? That depends, on certain bony areas such as the forehead it is more likely but the whole idea is to cause a slight trauma so redness of the skin is what we look for.

5. How long will my skin take to heal? It takes up to 5 days after the treatment for your skin to feel ‘normal’ again. Slight sensitivity and dryness are normal to see post treatment. You will also be given a mini aftercare kit to aid your skins healing process.

So which treatment are you choosing? Follow this link to book or send me a message here or via email

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